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Zomato Came Up With A Rather Wicked Name For A List Of Pricey Delhi Restaurants

Fine dining
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Fine dining

It's been nearly a week since the Panama Papers hit the headlines of newspapers. The leak of about 11 million secret documents from the Panama-based law firm, Mossack Fonseca, revealed some of the world's biggest names who have set up offshore entities in tax havens around the world.

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Since the break of the story, the Internet has not been able to stop cracking jokes on it.

Now it seems Zomato has joined the bandwagon.

The popular food listing site has put the most expensive restaurants of Delhi in a category named 'Panama Peppers'.

Quite wicked, eh?

In the description, Zomato clearly says you got to belong to an exclusive club to dine at these restaurants.

So, what qualification do you need? "You need to be super $$$"

On the list of 'Panama Peppers' are these 10 restaurants--Bukhara of ITC Maurya, The Spice Route of Imperial restaurant, Threesixty degrees of The Oberoi, Wasabi by Morimoto at The Taj Mahal Hotel, Orient Express at the Taj Palace Hotel, Sorrento at Shangri-La's, 1911 at The Imperial, West View at ITC Maurya, Nostalgia at 1911 Brasserie at The Imperial and Travertino at The Oberoi.

A meal for two at these restaurants will set you back by Rs5,500-Rs8000.

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