07/04/2016 11:41 AM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:26 AM IST

Urban Salaried Are With Modi, Approve His Take On Nationalism: Survey

Adnan Abidi / Reuters
India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi gestures as he addresses a gathering during a conference of start-up businesses in New Delhi, India, January 16, 2016. Indian Prime Minister Modi launched a number of initiatives on Saturday to support the country's start-ups, including a 100 billion rupee ($1.5 billion) fund and a string of tax breaks for both the companies and their investors. REUTERS/Adnan Abidi

NEW DELHI -- Almost all the respondents in a ET-TNS survey of salaried persons in seven Indian cities approved of the Modi government's take on nationalism and sedition.

Four-fifths of respondents in Delhi, Chennai, Bengaluru and Ahmedabad felt that the Modi government had made the right noise on nationalism and sedition.

Over 80 percent of respondents in Delhi felt that either the Modi government was completely correct or mostly correct on its take on nationalism. The next highest approval rating came from Ahmedabad followed by Bengaluru and then Chennai.

Nearly half the respondents felt that the Congress Party was responsible for the Jawaharlal Nehru University row, which sparked an uproar over free speech, dissent and nationalism.

In Ahmedabad, over 70 percent of respondents blamed the Congress Party for the row, followed by 50 percent in Bengaluru, and just over 40 percent in Delhi.

In Hyderabad, which has been in the throes of protests over Rohith Vemula, a Dalit student who committed suicide in January, 47 percent blamed student leaders of political parties, and 34 percent felt the same in Kolkata.

Overall, the survey revealed that Modi's stock is still high among the urban salaried classes of India. Eighty six percent of respondents in seven cities said that they were satisfied with the economic growth, 62 percent felt that enough jobs had been created, and 58 percent feel that 'achhe din aaney wala hain."

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