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Horrifying CCTV Footage Of Hit-And-Run That Killed Delhi MNC Executive

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Warning: The video featured in this story has disturbing content. Viewer discretion is advised.

After 32-year-old Siddharth Sharma was killed in a hit-and-run in North Delhi on Monday, his family and friends have started a Facebook page to post evidence and garner public support to get justice for him. They have now posted a clip from the recordings of the CCTV in the vicinity of the accident site.

The horrifying video shows the Mercedes Benz appearing on to the scene at breakneck speed, hitting Sharma with such force that his body is flung several feet into the air, before landing on his head.

We went and got our own evidence clearer version

Posted by Hit & Run Justice on Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Sharma, the marketing head at a MNC, was crossing the road when the speeding car hit him. So great was the impact, that the tyre of the car burst later on and it came to a halt. The driver, the 17-year-old son of a Delhi businessman, fled the spot along with his seven friends. He was later arrested and released on bail. However, his father has been booked for allowing the minor to drive.

According to reports, eyewitnesses have claimed that the car jumped a signal and hit Sharma. The youngsters, with one of them not older than ten years, alighted from the car and tried to flee. Locals caught hold of them but they still managed to run away. However, the police managed to track the driver down and arrest him.

Initially, a man who claimed to be the driver of the car, approached the police saying he was at the wheel. However, he retracted his statement after Sharma died. He has been booked too.

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