07/04/2016 4:52 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:26 AM IST

These Hilarious Indian Movie Subtitles May Also Leave You Confused And Worried

I love trashy hindi movies/ Facebook

We all have watched angrezi movies with subtitles at some point in our lives, and perhaps we still continue to. In fact, sometimes we had to watch the movie again at home just to understand those long-without-a-pause-lines-of-dialogue that come across more like a physics lecture lasting 120 excruciating minutes. Oh, the torture! But have you ever had the chance to turn ON the subtitles for Hindi or Tamil movies? No?

Fear not. There's a page on Facebook -- I love trashy hindi movies — that is doing God's work and saving us the trouble of experiencing such thought-provoking mistranslations.

1. Is he icchadhaari naag?

2. That escalated quickly.

3. Waiter! There is a big hairy ball in my soup.

4. Nikamma, amiright?

5. Eiffel for you.

6. Just a normal conversation over corn flakes.

7. Babumushoi, dost bada hona chahiye... lamba nahin.

8. Love people who are health conscious.

9. Champa, run!

10. I sea what you did there.

11. Mere Karan-Arjun aa gaye (if you know what I mean).

12. Umm.

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