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#TalkToMe: What My Father Taught Me In A Six-Minute Conversation

Prerna Sodhi

When I sat down to speak with my father, a retired Delhi University teacher and my personal hero, as part of HuffPost's new parent-child interview series Talk To Me, I wasn't sure whether I would learn anything new about our relationship. We've always had a close bond, often resulting in conversations that scandalised my mother.

While I was growing up, my father and I talked about everything, from mundane daily experiences to morals, politics, even sex. No topic was taboo. That's why I know he has never seen a "blue film" in his life, and he knows that I first smoked pot when I was 21 (and hated it).

Yet, when he agreed to record a video conversation with me for work, I discovered so many new things that preoccupy him: how he wishes I learned Bengali, what his views are on having children, what he thinks I should do next with my writing. It made me want to have these conversations with him, and my mother too, more often.

You can watch the video with my father below. You can be part of the HuffPost series by sharing your own moment with your loved one, live on Facebook. Send those to us and we will share the conversations with your parent or child.

Talk To Me

HuffPost India News Editor Indrani Basu talks to her father Dilip Kumar Basu about the importance of learning one's native tongue, the joy of fatherhood, and their special connection.One thing he wishes was different: "I could not get so much time with you as I would have liked..." #TalkToMeThe Huffington Post has launched an initiative featuring conversations between parents and children. Find out more about it here:

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