05/04/2016 2:09 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:26 AM IST

Dalit Teenagers Stripped Naked And Beaten In Rajasthan

NEW DELHI -- In a monstrous episode of brutality, three Dalit teenagers were stripped naked, tied to a tree, and beaten because they allegedly stole the motorcycle of a upper caste man in Chittorgarh, Rajasthan.

NDTV today released the video which shows the naked teenagers sitting on the ground, quivering with fear, while men take turns in beating.

Several news outlets reported that no one came to their rescue when they were attacked on April 2.

No matter what crime these teenagers committed, this mob justice is completely reprehensible. What is really deplorable is that instead of apprehending the men who beat up the teenagers, the police registered a case for robbery against the children on Saturday.

The Times of India reported that the mob tied them to a tree, thrashed them and later paraded them for an hour in full public view.

They lay naked on the bituminous surface when the temperature was touching 42 degrees Celsius, TOI reported.

It was only after the media highlighted the atrocity that the police moved to apprehend the men involved in the assault.

The police said today that a case has been filed against unknown persons because the children could not identify the culprits, NDTV reported.

Prasan Kumar Khamsera, a senior police official in Chittorgarh, told the Press Trust of India that the attack on Saturday was not caste-related.

"Locals stripped and beat them after they caught them with the stolen motorcycle on Saturday in Laxmipura," Khamsera told PTI. "Six of those who thrashed them have been arrested and others are being identified."

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