04/04/2016 2:58 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:26 AM IST

Gurgaon Cook Robs House, Speeds Away In Owner's Jaguar

Talk about adding insult to injury. A man who worked as a cook for a family from an affluent neighbourhood in Gurgaon, robbed it of valuables and used its expensive Jaguar as his get-away vehicle.

On 2 April, the cook, identified as one Shankar, wiped the house clean of all its valuables including flat-screen televisions, jewellery and other valuables, said a report in NDTV.

What more, the cook used the owners' sleek Jaguar car to zoom off with his loot.

According to a News 24, it was the owner Amit Rana's wife who registered the complaint after she found that her maid was drugged and was unconscious in the house, while the valuables as well as their expensive car were missing.

The incident took place whe the husband, Amit Rana was out of the country and his wife had stepped out of the house for some work.

The cook, Shankar, who reportedly hails from Nepal, hasn't been found yet.

The Jaguar was found abandoned the same evening at some distance from the family's apartment.


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