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12 Baba Sehgal Life Lessons To Keep You Thanda Thanda All Day

Baba Sehgal Entertainment/ YT

Back when Honey Singh was still wearing knee shorts and the word bling hadn’t even been coined yet, one man who kept the airwaves pulsating was Baba Sehgal, India’s original rapper.

From his exhortations to the population to stay hydrated (“Thanda Thanda Pani”) to his willingness to give lifts (“Aa Jaa Meri Gaadi Mein Baith Ja”), this lyrically blessed musical star was never afraid to offer useful instructions and life lessons.

Love him or hate him (naah, not possible), you cannot ignore the inspirational messages in his songs.

Some of which are...

"Aloo ka Paratha"


"Going to the Gym"

Apart from creating thought-provoking and mind-boggling music, he is also quite active on Twitter and tweets regularly from his handle @OnlyBabaSehgal. Each tweet that he posts is potential lyrics to his next song.

Here are some of his Tweets that will lift your spirit up so much so that you will have to use a parachute to come down.

1. Let us root for more trees.

2. Potential start-up idea.

3. These are not just idly musings.

4. Sometimes, just sometimes, rhymes make more sense than reason.

5. Sher this with everyone.

6. Chai-biskut for the soul.

7. Who says general knowledge and pearls of wisdom don’t go together.

8. Watch out Sri Sri.

9. Even the greatest philosophers struggle with this question.

10. Life is not skin-deep.

11. The true meaning of table manners.

12. That should be everyone’s life motto.

Thank you, Baba.


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