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We're Hiring: A Number Of Exciting Roles Now Open At HuffPost India

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HuffPost India is expanding its editorial team and we are now hiring for a number of exciting roles based in Delhi/NCR, Mumbai and Bangalore.

For all positions, the following skills are necessary.

  • The ability to write crisp, engaging and error-free headlines and copy.
  • Attention to detail.
  • An eye for stories and themes that are fun, unique and interesting.
  • An appreciation for the power and dynamics of digital media and social platforms, and the skills to exploit them (prior experience in any form of digital publishing is a plus).
  • The ability to be agile and learn new skills and different ways of doing things.
  • The ability to remain focused and thrive in a fast-paced environment.

Candidates must be willing to take a writing test. We sometimes ask for references from past managers. The selection process involves multiple interviews.

All applications must include the following and must be emailed to with the role you are applying for as the subject.

1) An updated CV.

2) Most relevant clips to your published work.

3) A note in less than 400 words explaining relevant work and life experience and what makes you a fitting candidate.

Senior politics editor

The ideal candidate will be able to produce a original and aggregated coverage of the most interesting issues of the day in Indian politics. Must have a record of writing impactful stories, breaking news and interviews with key figures. A familiarity with the key political issues and figures in the states is a must. The ability to write compelling news analysis is a must.

Lifestyle editor

The ideal candidate will be able to plan and produce engaging content around lifestyle themes such as food, décor, travel, fashion, nutrition, exercise, sleep and sex. The ability to spot new trends and hotspots and explain the forces shaping them is a must.

Multimedia editor

The ideal candidate will have excellent photo and video editing skills and will shape our approach to multimedia both on the site and on social platforms. An appreciation of design sensibility on the web and experience in creating multimedia content and video tailored for social platforms is a must. Experience with news will be treated as a plus. Must have the ability to plan and execute longer projects and series.

Video editor

The ideal candidate will have top-notch skills in graphics and video editing. A working knowledge of animation and other video-related skills is a plus. The ability to work fast and deliver on deadline is a must.

Business editor

The ideal candidate will be able to produce aggregated and original coverage of the most interesting business stories of the day. Must have a record of writing original and impactful stories. An ability to produce and visualize data-based stories and analysis is a must, so is the ability to extract and investigate company filings. Strong skills and experience in coverage of the macro economy, corporations, start-ups or markets will be a plus.

General assignment reporter

The ideal candidate will be able to effectively aggregate and produce news stories that matter to our audience. We are seeking a versatile reporter who can competently handle a range of topics such as general news and politics, technology news and sports.

Trends editor

The ideal candidate will be a hound for viral stories. Must have the ability to plan and produce stories and lists that have a high likelihood of being shared on social media and thus attracting viral traffic. An appreciation for internet culture and communities of audience is a must, so is the ability to produce content targeted at specific communities.

Editor, South India

The ideal candidate will be able to produce original and aggregated coverage of stories from South India. We are seeking a versatile writer who can cover general news and politics but also write unique feature stories from the region. Prior experience in covering the region is a plus. The candidate must be based in the region.

Women editor

The ideal candidate will be able to plan and produce stories on issues that impact Indian women. This is a wide range and therefore we are seeking a versatile writer who can cover issues affecting women at work and in society, but also offer tips and advice on living better, sleeping well and raising good husbands.

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