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This Moving Incident From A Kolkata School Will Make You Reflect On Honesty

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It's every teacher's aspiration to shape a generation of honest and fearless children who would not hesitate to do the right thing. Recently a teacher at a CBSE school in Kolkata was reminded by a fourth grader how much those lessons imparted during school hours and at home impact young minds.

A boy at Kolkata's Birla Bharati school was brought to book by the class monitor for allegedly spitting on a classmate. When substitute teacher, Malini Chatterjee, asked him to apologize to his classmate, the boy, Aditya, did so without hesitation. But soon after, he broke down in tears. What Chatterjee found out was deeply touching.

She shared her experience in a Facebook post.

I was doing a substitution in the fourth grade for a colleague of mine who could not make it to school that day. After...

Posted by Malini Chatterjee on Thursday, March 31, 2016

"This incident really moved me. So I thought of sharing. We all were like Aditya one day but time and situation have actually changed us," Chatterjee told HuffPost India.

Never change, Aditya.


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