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Hrithik Roshan's Lawyers Claim His Pope Tweet Was About A Fish, Not The Leader Of Catholic Church

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After stirring up controversy regarding his alleged relationship with actress Kangana Ranaut, Bollywood star Hrithik Roshan recently landed into another storm.

After tweeting that there were more chances of him having a relationship with the Pope that the actresses media was naming him with, Abraham Mathai, the former Vice-Chairman of the States Minorities Commission, had sent a criminal notice to the actor under Section 295 (A) of Indian Penal Code for his unwarranted comments against the Pope.

Now, according to Business of Cinema, Roshan's lawyers have claimed that when he said 'Pope', he wasn't referring to the leader of the worldwide Catholic Church, but a type of freshwater fish found in Europe that also bears the same name.

Roshan had tweeted this in January as a public reaction to an interview by his alleged former girlfriend, Kangana Ranaut, when she said that a “silly ex” was giving her trouble and causing her to lose roles.

Last month, Roshan and Ranaut had allegedly sent out legal notices against each other.

While Roshan alleged that he has a record of 1,439 mails sent by Ranaut and most of them are "senseless, personal, and absurd", she responded with a legal notice that claimed that the actor created a different email-ID to interact with her. Ranaut also alleged that this was done to make sure that the actor's divorce proceedings with his then wife Suzanne Khan were not impacted.

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