31/03/2016 5:46 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:26 AM IST

Watch: Terrifying Footage Of Kolkata Flyover Collapse

Bengali news channel 24 Ghanta has shared terrifying footage of the flyover collapse in Kolkata's Girish Park. The CCTV footage, accessed by the channel, shows cars, taxis and other motor vehicles driving past the crossing over which the flyover collapsed.

One can see autos waiting at the red light and scores of people crossing the road and walking around. The flyover descends on the unsuspecting commuters like a terrifying tidal wave of concrete and rubble.

It is clearly visible that a part of the collapsed flyover also falls on the sidewalks, where several people were seen walking, several small shops were present including a vendor.

When Times Now questioned chief minister Mamata Banerjee and pointed out the the Hyderabad-based builders have called the tragedy, 'an act of God', Banerjee said that the guilty will be strictly punished. "This is not a casual matter. So many people have died. So many people are injured. We will take strict action against the guilty. Don't call this a casual matter," she said.

She added that, "There will be an enquiry committee which will figure out what happened and the guilty will be punished."

She confirmed that 15 people have been reported dead and at least 50 injured.

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