31/03/2016 12:23 PM IST | Updated 31/10/2016 4:07 PM IST

Even Your Odds With A Little Bit Of Luv

Someone said it right, 'If life throws a lemon at you, squeeze it and make a perfect lemonade'. But how do you really do that? Life is anything but regular. Each day is something new. Every day has its own set of challenges, ups and downs, lows and highs, happiness and sorrow... everyday is a new emotion- but luv is a constant. It's this constant feeling of being luved, of spreading luv that sails us all through each day. It's the belief we have in luv that prepares us to take on anything that life may throw at us.

At the end of a hard day at school, college or work, we remember that smile, that warm hug we come back home to and everything else fades away. What's even better is the feeling when we become the reason for someone's smile. Life is all about these moments of luv, these precious emotions are all that matter. We all have had our bad days, but what we remember is what got us through those bad days. That day when your car broke down, remember how your brother drove all across the city to give you a ride. Or that day when you broke- up with the love of your life only to realize that this title actually belongs to your bestie, who spent the entire night just listening to you. Whether it is something so personal or something really big, it's always the beautiful things that we remember in life.

Luv counts the most when it is least expected. Anything that unsettles our life is unpleasant. Then be it a late working Friday night or the auto rickshaw strike- both can equally pull us down and we start praying for a miracle. That colleague who bails us out of work is nothing less than God and that friend who gave us a ride feels like the only hope in life for us.

But then what is luv? It's something all of us experience every day. It's not just that holding of hand with your partner, but also that walk with your friend where nobody said a word and yet it was the best conversation ever. Luv is not just in that hug we get from our spouse but also in that fight we had with them a couple of days ago. Luv is truly everywhere, we just have to feel it. And as Bob Marley says, 'Overcome the devils with a thing called love'.

Delhi overcame a challenge life threw at them with some bit LUV from Maruti Suzuki Ertiga. Not long before our lives took a surprise turn with the Odd- Even ruling, only that LUV helped even out the odds. Watch to see how LUV spread the joy.