30/03/2016 6:13 PM IST | Updated 31/10/2016 4:08 PM IST

Steer Through Life With Luv


Do you get any thinking done when you are at the wheel of your vehicle? Not likely if you have your FM radio on, and are following the RJ's chatter or a new film song. Also, not if you have someone with you who must go on and on about an irritating boss. But fortunately if this is not the case, you may be able to hear some of your thoughts that slowly begin to rise to the surface. Something from how the week has been so far. A little worry or excitement about what's coming up soon. A few reflections on what Dad recently said, or a colleague, or a news headline. Pretty soon, some memories come tumbling out from the mind's deeper recesses...and all of this streams through your consciousness as you neatly steer through busy traffic, notice the other vehicles on the road, register the pictures on the hoardings, and realise that you have forgotten your lunchbox at home.

Unexpected turns

But the tyres roll on smoothly, and you approach your next meeting, keep your appointments and pursue the many possibilities in that day of your life. Despite the ups and downs, the twists and turns, you want to hear (like Bob Marley did!) the three little birds sing, "Don't worry about a thing! Every little thing gonna be alright. Don't worry!"

Sudden thrills

We are always picking up courage, getting heartened, getting enthused again by a song, by a smile, a word of friendly encouragement a pat on the back — even a greeting card or a phone call. It's from Grandma, or a professor, or a bus conductor, or a friend's friend. It's going to make a huge difference – this little thing – at that moment. And we'll scarcely remember it a month later. But that moment and its inspiration will come back to mind years later.

Together, we make it

We remember the joy of the higher paycheck and, luckily, often forget the weeks or months of arduous job hunt that preceded it. Sensibly, our memory auto-deletes the horrors of having worked in the wrong role in the earlier job. The excitement of working with a new team, tackling a fresh set of challenges, as well as the prospect of higher rewards — together they serve to keep our attention on the road ahead. Every new acquaintance, every poignant farewell, the rushed weekdays and the languorous weekends — it's all a sharing of emotions with family, friends, familiars and fellow sojourners. We are there for each other. So easy to say when the going's great, but we really know its value when the chips are down. There's a goal that's eluding you – you are shooting too wide or slow. This is when some luv by way of a hug, or an energising high-five nudges us ahead to success.

What luv got to do with it?

Turning points in life. Moments so dramatic for us — yet they are part of everyday living. The relief at a dear one returning hale from a serious surgery. The joy when a sibling gets an admission letter from a dream university. It's these bonds of caring that call upon us every minute to participate deeply in life around us. To be a giver and to be a taker, as the situation unfolds. Life can hold uncertainties; it's our faith in each other that can see us through.

Thoughts like these make the road look brighter, and the drive feel better, and they don't make you miss a turn you should have taken. So feel some of the luv and keep going! Maruti Suzuki Ertiga helped families recreate these beautiful moments, see here.