29/03/2016 3:14 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:26 AM IST

Movie On The Go? 700 Auto Rickshaws In Pune Now Have Tablets Installed

Moving Digital Frames

A start-up in India is providing entertainment services through tablets installed in autorickshaws to make the ride more pleasurable for users.

Moving Digital Frames, the start-up behind this technology, has selected 700 auto rickshaws that now have the 10.1-inch tablets behind the driver's backrest. The tablets have 3G connections and the company has launched a platform called DigRic to push the content real time.

"Customers are enjoying the ride experience more. The company gives all the installation support and guidance. And if there is any problem in the tablet someone would assist you. This technology is exciting for the people who are taking the ride and for us as well. I got many recurring customers because of this," auto driver Anirudh Babu Chauhan, who got a tablet installed in his rickshaw,

told HuffPost India.

"I didn't know this kind of platform existed in India. I was pleasantly surprised by the experience in the ride. There was music channel playing on the tablet which had a are enough display for entertainment consumption. The sound was pretty nice too. Also, it had the contact number of the driver in case I want to give feedback or forgot anything in the auto," said passenger Shivam Sharma who took a ride in one such rickshaw.

Moving Digital Frames gave the autos an incentive of Rs 12000 with free device installation. They revenue model is based on the short ads which are displayed between the videos. These ads are generally of 10-second length. Advertisers pay Rs 200 per ad for a month per rickshaw to the company. Since the maintenance of the tablet is taken care by the company it is a lucrative scheme for the driver. And the company gets one more rickshaw to earn revenue from the ads.

"Due to the rise of the cab services, autos are getting less business also auto rides are boring. So we wanted to provide safety and entertainment to the passengers. Users can see the music videos and comedy clips during the ride. We also have a scroll on the screen which displays the number of the driver, so in case anyone forgets their things, they can contact him," company founder Manoj Kumar Ojha told HuffPost India.

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The company has partnered up with B4U for the comedy and music content. They are planning on expanding this feature to 1000 autos by March. They also said we have good feedback coming in from the customer.

This is a great step towards enhancing the travel experience. Recently Mumbai Central station was equipped with free WiFi for the passengers to access the internet.

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