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7 Mobile Accessories You Can Buy Under ₹500

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Gadgets are generally considered to be a costly affair. But the recent smartphone boom has made the technology seemingly affordable as well as more accessible. There is a slew of gadgetry accompaniments out there that you would cherish using in everyday life. So let's take a look at the stuff that you can buy under ₹500.

1. A dual port Pendrive

Storage is still a very important thing in the age of the cloud. People still rely on storing data on their portable hard drives or pen drives. This pen drive from SanDisk offers you a dual compatibility with USB 3.0 and microUSB. So you can use it with your computer as well as your mobile phone which supports USB-on-the-Go. This 16 GB portable storage device will cost you ₹419 on flipkart.

2. Amazon Basics Cable

Chargers these days have a pretty short USB cable with them so you need to sit at awkard poses to operate the device and get it charged quickly too. Amazon basics is pretty great offering of cables by Amazon. One of them is a 3 feet long USB 2.0 to microUSB cable which will cost you ₹279.

3. Mi light

Xiaomi has certainly made their name in mobile phones and later in accessories such as their power bank. One of their coolest offering is a USB light which you can carry in the pocket. This will act as a reading light or a light for your laptop while you are working. You can stick this in your USB hub or in the power bank as it has a very low power consumption. This light is available on the Mi website in Blue and White at ₹149.

4. Mobile tripod

Selfies and mobile photography are very much in fashion after the evolution of camera in smartphones. Many people own selfie sticks. But small tripods are better than the selfie sticks. It gives you portability of positioning the camera not just for the selfies but for entry level photography as well and most of them has a bluetooth controller as well which you can use it as a remote. One of the example of tripods is this flexible tripod which costs you ₹310.

5. iBall USB Hub

From charging devices to transferring data USB is essential to almost every gadget out there. People own many devices these days which make use of the technology. iBall offers a USB hub which can handle 4 USB 2.0 devices simultaneously. It handles the protocol automatically and you can treat any device as plug and play with backward compatibility to USB 1.1. This hub will cost you ₹414.

6. Google Cardboard

Google introduced cardboard in 2013 IO to give the taste of virtual reality world in an affordable manner. From then many companies are making DIY or ready cardboards which you can use with your NFC enabled smartphones. One of such products is this which you can get for a cheap 220.

7. Power Bank

More often than not you see that dreaded "Low Battery" notification on your phone. So most of the people carry a power bank. Many phones would need a good amount of juice and the power banks for them are pretty heavy and sizeable. But if you want to give your phone a little boost you can get good power banks of 2000 mAh to 5000 mAh capacity. Flipkart is currently selling Amrbane 4400 mAh powerbank for ₹449.

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