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Indian Techie Raghavendran Ganeshan Confirmed Dead In Brussels Blasts

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Indian techie Raghavendran Ganeshan who had gone missing after the Brussels terror attack last Tuesday has been confirmed dead by the Belgian authorities.

“RIP Raghvendran. The Belgian authorities have identified Raghavendran as one of the victims of barbarian terror attacks of March 22,” the Indian embassy in Brussels tweeted.

The Ministry of External Affairs said that his mortal remains were being handed over to the family at the Amsterdam airport.

Ganeshan, an Infosys employee, had been living in Brussels for the past four years with his wife. His wife recently returned to India and gave birth to their first child.

The Belgian government has confirmed after DNA tests that Ganeshan was one of the victims of the attacks.

Ganeshan had gone missing after the bomb blasts in Brussels last Tuesday and was believed to be among the injured even as the Indian embassy in Belgium was actively searching for him.

He had called his mother on Skype on the unfortunate day, hours ahead of the Brussels terror attacks. He had told her that he was about to leave for work. When his brother, who lives in Germany, called their mother to inform her about the terror strikes, she realized they happened to be on the route her son takes every day to get to work.

In an interview to The News Minute, Ganeshan’s mother said she initially thought the attack was at the airport.

"But later there were news flashes that there was a blast in the metro line- between Merode to Park station. This is the metro route my son uses to commute to office every day," she said.

Ganeshan’s family lives in Mumbai, while his wife and new born child are in Chennai.

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