25/03/2016 3:33 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:26 AM IST

Thandai Cupcake Or Thandai Pannacotta? Culinary Experiments With Your Favourite Holi Drink


You may not know it any other way, but thandai can be many other things apart from a drink to make bhaang tasty.

This refreshing milk-based drink can do a wonderful job of keeping you cool in the summer and is a much healthier option than the aerated drinks you guzzle to beat the heat.

Now, thanks to the launch of Paperboat's packaged thandai, the Holi staple started making waves on social media.

Twitter users also shared results of their culinary experiments with thandai. Like cupcakes...

And pannacotta!

Who can resist cheesecake?

Looks like Chef Vikas Khanna was also in a festive mood

Check out the other awesome Thandai flavoured stuff below.

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