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The Day 'Captain Cool' MS Dhoni Lost His Temper At A Journalist

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KOLKATA, INDIA - MARCH 8: Indian captain MS Dhoni holds his pre-tournament ICC T20 World Cup 2016 press conference at Taj, on March 8, 2016 in Kolkata, India. Dhoni said that his team cannot afford to take things for granted given the format's fickle nature. He also said, “I think we are running on sixth gear. Technology has gone into the eighth gear but the kind of stuff we are doing on the field is adequate for any level of game. We have to see the focus should be on from the very first ball. I think everything is set, there're not anymore gears to operate on. I am really quite happy with the progress.” (Photo by Ashok Nath Dey/Hindustan Times via Getty Images)

Indian skipper MS Dhoni’s euphoria at winning a nerve-racking T20 World Cup encounter with Bangladesh on 23 March was soured by the first question he faced at the post match press conference.

He was asked by a journalist if he was satisfied with his team’s performance, given that before the match there had been talk of India winning by a big margin. Instead of waiting, the journalist then moved onto his next question, but Dhoni’s hackles were already raised.

Dhoni, who is normally the epitome of cool on field, went on a furious rant to slam the journalist in Hindi.

“Listen to me. Your tone and your question say that you aren’t happy with this result, okay? As far as India winning this match is concerned, there is no script. You have to analysis how after losing the toss, and on what type of wicket we batted – what the reasons were for why we didn’t make a lot of runs. If you don’t analyse all these things off the field, then you shouldn’t ask these questions,” he said.

An uncomfortable silence ensued after the next question was asked, and peace restored.

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