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Grandpa Who 'Could Not Bear To Leave Grandson Behind' Kills Him Before Jumping To Death

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In a horrifying incident, a 65-year-old man killed his ten-year-old grandson before taking his own life.

Sudhir Dagdumal Shah of Pune allegedly left behind a suicide note in which he said he loved his 10-year-old grandson too much to leave him behind and hence strangulated the kid before killing himself, reported the Indian Express.

“I will live for next 10 to 15 years. Instead of going to the court all these years, I prefer to die and get rid of this matter forever… I am taking Jinay along with me. I cannot go without Jinay. I have been taking his care. So I have taken the hard decision to take him along,” the Express quoted Shah, who claimed he was 'mentally disturbed', as saying in his suicide note.

Neighbours remember him and his grandson Jinay as inseparable as the doting grandparent would studiously drop and pick up the kid from the school-bus stop daily and be with him while he played in the evening everyday.

The residents and the security guard of the building found Jinay lying still on the staircase of the building while they found the old man lying in a pool of blood.

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