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In Case You Didn't Get The Invite, This Holi, A Cow And A Bull Are Getting Married In Gujarat

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wedding - cow and bull in love isolated on white background with red hearts

To spread the message of cow protection, Parasana Charitable Trust, a group in Ahmedabad's Kotiya village has planned a lavish wedding for Poonam and Arjun.

Around 300 guests including 'relatives' of Punam, will leave from Bopal-Ghuma gam for groom Arjun's house in Bagdana village in Bhavnagar. Gold jewellery, a red saree and a net shawl has been made for the bride. A festive white cloth has been bought for Arjun.

Brahmin priests will be brought in from Ahmedabad to officiate the wedding. And, the entire wedding will cost Poonam and Arjun's owners around Rs 18 lakh.

Poonam is Amedabad's bovine daughter and Arjun, a bull from Bhavnagar.

In a one of its kind event, the trust has prepared a wedding invitation for the couple. Apparently, the owners are conducting such a lavish ceremony to show that the "value of cows in our society is immeasurable."

“I have been living with cows for the last 30 years and hence, know the amount of love this animal is capable of. I don’t mind having a modest wedding for my children, but I will get my daughter Poonam married in the most lavish manner possible,” Vijaybhai, trustee of Parsana Charitable Trust and Poonam’s owner told Mid Day.

Kaushik Joshi, one of key-members in-charge of wedding, told Times Of India that 5,000 people are likely to attend Punam's wedding and will be treated to feast including Gujarati dal, Phulwadi, Ladva and Undhiyu.

The guests, accompanied by a three-member wedding orchestra, will begin a procession from the groom's village. The bride will travel in a palanquin that will be erected on a truck.

According to reports, the bovine couple will be married according to proper Hindu rituals and a special havan has been planned to pray for an early offspring.

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