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World T20: This Photo Shows That India And Pakistan Are Both Winners, This Weekend

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NEW DELHI -- While India is celebrating its victory over Pakistan in the World T20, this weekend, this photo from the women's match in the same tournament gives both nations a reason to celebrate.

This photo shows Pakistani bowler Anam Amin tying Indian batswoman Harmanpreet Kaur's shoelace during the match on Saturday.

Here's hoping that people, sports, talent and creativity eventually transcend petty rivalries, borders, extremism, and divisive politics.

The women's team from Pakistan beat India at the Feroz Shah Kotla Grounds in New Delhi, just hours before the sportsmen clashed at Eden Gardens in Kolkata.

News of India's victory over Pakistan in the men's match, and its Vice Captain Virat Kohli's stellar performance, reached the far corners of the cricketing world in virtual time, but the women's match made less of a splash.

Only a handful of news outlets in India and Pakistan reported on the match.

Imagine the global stir which would have been caused by a photo of Pakistan's cricket captain Shahid Afridi tying Kohli's shoelace. The media would have literally had a field day with that image.

It's going to be a while before the women's edition of a competitive sport compels people to plan their day around a match, and bring entire nations to a standstill for a few hours.

Until Amin and Kaur are household names, lets share in their moment that celebrates the spirt of the game.

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