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Musician Siddharth Basrur Opens Up About Overcoming His Battle With Substance Abuse

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Musician and singer Siddharth Basrur, well-known in the indie music circuit, suffered from serious substance abuse issues for years before taking the decision that turned his life around. Today, he sings for film and advertising, and has lent his voice to countless jingles and a number of Bollywood songs (most recently the rearranged version of 'Neend Na Mujhko Aaye' from last year's Shaandaar). Aside from that, he (mysteriously) finds time to write, perform, and tour with bands such as Scribe and Last Remaining Light.

In a new post by the Facebook page Humans Of Bombay, Basrur has opened up about his struggles with alcohol and drug abuse, which led his life into a downward spiral until he took the decision to go to rehab. 15 months later, he emerged a different man; 13 and a half years later, he is still sober, living his dreams as a musician, and engaged to the woman of his dreams.

He signs off with solid advice for those currently crippled by such addictions: "It’s never to late to turn it around so don’t stress about what people say."

The post has received more than 12,000 likes. Read it below.

“When I was 9 years old, my parents started drifting apart so they decided to send me to my grandparent’s house to keep...

Posted by Humans of Bombay on Monday, 14 March 2016

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