15/03/2016 8:20 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:26 AM IST

This Shoaib Malik Vs Sania Mirza Ad Shows Exactly What An India-Pakistan Argument Is Like

People on both sides of the border are waiting for March 19--that's the day India will play Pakistan in the ICC World Twenty20 tournament. But, just days before that, in an advertisement, Sania Mirza and her husband Shoaib Malik has created the mood, gearing us up for the D-day.

No wonder it has already gone viral.

The ad for Nestle Everyday features the couple, like most couples, disagreeing over almost everything. And, like most Indians and Pakistanis, they argue over which country is better.

While the tennis star roots for Sachin Tendulkar's straight drive, her cricketer husband is all for Shoaib Akhtar's yorker.

She prefers Amritsar ke laddu, he thinks Multan ka soan halwa is better. She likes old Hindi songs, he says Pakistan pop songs are much better. She swears by Shimla ki sardi, but for Shoaib, nothing beats Islamabad ki baarish.

If we were to imagine a fight between an Indian and Pakistani--probably this is exactly what it would sound like.

So, what do they agree on?

We are not sure what the people on the opposite sides of the border would agree on, but Shoaib and Sania finally end their truce with a cup of tea.

Watch the video above.

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