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How A Group Of Sex Workers In Kolkata Found Inspiration In An Irish Woman

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Budwār Peth: Tatoos, Sex & (Dis)Graceⓒ Mukul Bhatia, 2015.

KOLKATA -- Sex workers living in the Sonagachi red light area, Asia's largest, are now seeking inspiration from an Irish lady who left the trade for want of a dignified life and her son's future.

As a homeless 15-year-old girl, Rachel Moran had no choice when she was thrown into a brothel in North Dublin city. Seven years later she came out of the dirty business to give a better future to her 4-year-old son who had no one to call father.

Moran had also became a drug addict but is now a journalist, author and anti-trafficking activist.

During a recent visit to the city, she interacted with women from the Munshiganj and Sonagachi red light areas of the city.

"It doesn't matter whether I am speaking to a black woman in the USA or indigenous woman in Canada or a white woman from one of the European countries. They all have the same story that they got into prostitution because they had no other viable choice. That is absolutely universal even in India of course," the 40-year-old told PTI.

Activist Ruchira Gupta, founder of Apne Aap Women Worldwide NGO, who accompanied her said the women were overwhelmed and deeply inspired by her courage to leave the trade.

"The women who met her during the visit were very curious to know, that how could she get rid of her addiction," Gupta said.

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