This Bruce Lee Look-Alike Is Killing It On The Internet

Bruce Lee has inspired many of us. But we bet you haven't seen anything like this before. Abbas Alizada aka Afghan Bruce Lee aka Bruce Hazara has become the internet sensation with this new video that's gone viral. Shot under water, it's amazing to see how where passion rules, there are no boundaries. He has not only perfected his mentor's moves but he's also got the looks. At the young age of 18, Abbas knew where he wanted to be. A Bruce Lee devout himself, this young lad from Kabul took to Martial Arts at a very early age and since then has known no other passion. Dedicated to his mentor, he learned most of the moves by watching Bruce Lee's films before getting professional help to train him in Martial Arts.

Soon his dream was to finish the unfinished 1975 film of the great legend. And ever since that day, he has been working hard each day of his life. Focused, he knows only practice and practice alone will get him closer to his dream. With over 50K likes on Facebook and 40K Twitter followers, the Afghan Bruce Lee is already a local super star and is nothing short of an internet celebrity. He is at his best when in front of camera.

Pushing his boundaries and doing things outside his comfort zone, he really gives it his all. Watch this video of Skoda Superb which not only heroes the characteristics of the car, but also showcases his spirit perfectly. Shot underwater with seven divers, this video is surely the best in next class.