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How This Bengaluru Man's iPhone Photo Of His Wife Is Now A Global Apple Ad

Ashish Parmar

When photographer Ashish Parmar captured a tender moment with his wife on camera on Diwali, little did he know that the beautiful photo will turn his spouse into an overnight celebrity.

Loving my new phone! Brilliant image quality! #shotoniphone6s

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Parmar and his Raina shot to instant stardom last year when Apple chanced across a photo posted on Instagram by the photographer as a happy Diwali memory. “It was her (Raina’s) first Diwali at our house…her face was alit from the light of diyas (in her hand) and my beautiful wife was looking extraordinarily gorgeous,” wrote Parmar in an email to HuffPost India. “The husband and photographer in me just couldn’t resist it.”

Parmar shared the series of photos he shot with his (then) newly-acquired iPhone 6S, and posted them on Instagram to share with friends and family and also used the hashtag #shotoniphone6s.

A few days later, he received a call from “a company” saying that his picture had been selected for promotional work. “Little did I know it was Apple Inc. and that my favourite photo was going to be plastered across hundreds of billboards in many countries,” he wrote.

Parmar and his wife stand in front of a billboard hosting the Apple ad that features Parmar's wife

Parmar’s photo has been featured in billboards and advertisements in 5 Indian cities (Bengaluru, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai and Kolkata), and many cities across the world including Sydney, Paris, Milan, London, Shanghai and LA. The couple was also featured on ETV and News9 after their photo went viral.

Ashish Parmar loves wildlife photography

Parmar is a self-taught photographer who loves wild-life photography. Also a teacher, he is one of the top 10 dance music photographers in the country.

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