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Now, A Doctor On Call Now With The SeeDoc App


Technology has truly expanded out world. You can watch videos, order food, call a cab and pay your bills without leaving home. With smartphone technology making new strides everyday, now medicare is a frontier tech experts want to win. And there's an app that does just that.

The app SeeDoc uses video conferencing and instant messaging to solve medical problems remotely.

SeeDoc was launched on 8 March officially in an event in Delhi by the Silicon Valley-based co-founders Jaideep Singh and Vivek Bansal. Before that, the app was in the beta phase and had seen 300000 downloads from the Play store and the AppStore. SeeDoc has a simple interface where you can either choose to ask a free question the doctor or have a video conference with the doctor.

Once you select an option in the next window you can choose your problem from categories such as Fever, Digestion, Skin, Weight, Sexual, Pain, Hair or Other. Next, a doctor will be assigned to you based on the problem and you can have a consultation session with the doctor. Each video consultation costs you ₹400. The app claims to server 500 video consultations per day.

In the app, you can directly start asking questions, but it is recommended that you fill out your profile details so doctors can give you a better consultation. The profile page is detailed. You can fill out basic info such as Name, gender, birth date, weight, waist, height, daily activity level and so on. Apart from that, you can also enter details such as personal and family medical history, vaccinations, allergies, lifestyle and lab reports. The app also has tools like Diabetes probability detector.

SeeDoc has a team of doctors who are specialists in General Medicine, Cardiology, Pediatrics, Gynecology, Internal Medicine, and

other key areas. The team told us that the average experience of doctors in the SeeDoc team is 6 years.

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We talked with the co-founder of the app Vivek Bansal and he said, "We want to change medical consultation in India. Our aim is to that people can be in the comfort of their home and get the consultation from top doctors. We also care about the patients so we are providing free follow-ups with the check-ups to make sure that the user's problem is solved".

"Also to maintain continuity, we display the calendar of the doctor who previously consulted the patient. If the timings are not matching patient can choose another doctor. SeeDoc will soon tie up with labs and medical stores so if any reports or medications are needed patients can avail these ".

Dr. Anuj Agarwal, Chief Medical Officer & co-founder at seeDoc said, "Our team of doctors have been handpicked from the best in the medical fraternity. They are MCI and state registered from top medical institutions and colleges such as AIIMS, Fortis, Medanta, Max, AFMC, MAMC, and Manipal. We have combined the best medical practices from the NHS in the UK, and from India, to make sure that patients receive the highest quality of medical care".

People are still skeptical about getting medicare online although they are more open to having some basic consultation. While for some symptoms a visit to the doctor is always advisable as they would have the equipment to perform the check-up it is a good facility to have for a remote consultation.

Healthcare-based start-ups are also growing as search services such as Practo are hugely popular. You can now buy medicine online too on, NetMeds and 1mg.

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