10/03/2016 2:12 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:26 AM IST

You'll Love These Lavni Performers For Making A Very Valid Point About Sex

If a woman allows a man to walk her home, does it means she has agreed to have sex with him? While the answer is 'no' for most informed people, there will always be a few people arguing about 'mixed signals' and suchlike. Documentary filmmaker Paromita Vohra's new video puts such doubts to rest, once and for all.

She ventures bravely into the blacks, whites and greys of sex, using a gripping narrative in the form of a lavni recital. It seeks to say consent is the most important part of sex.

Recently released on, a platform launched by Vohra to engage in healthy conversations about sex, the video features two lavni dancers (Shakuntala Nagarkar and Megha Ghadge) discussing the complexities behind a woman’s consent. In the process, she dwells on the excitement of chase, the fear of coming across as 'easy and cheap' and the difference between flirtation and flirtation that culminates in sex.

The video is as informative as it is entertaining. The team managed to incorporate the complexities of interaction between the sexes in modern day society seamlessly into a traditional dance narrative.

The video emphasises that women do want sex. But is equally important for men to understand and respect their choice and realise that a woman gets to choose who she has sex with, when and how. That's an important lesson in a country where at least 92 women are raped every day.

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