10/03/2016 12:08 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:26 AM IST

‘Science In Your Chaddis': This Stand-Up Comic's Take On Sanitary Pad Ads Is Hilarious

Aditi Mittal / Facebook

If you miss the first three seconds of a sanitary napkin ad, you'll probably never be able to guess the brand's name. Almost all the sanitary napkin advertisements you see on Indian television centre on clichés such as wearing tight white trousers ‘mahine ke unn dino mein’, winning world championships, climbing the Everest, cracking IAS interviews, solving quadratic equations while hanging upside down from a tree and even preventing global warming!

Aditi Mittal, an Indian stand-up comedian, rants about how pads and periods are taboo in our society in a video she recently posted on her Facebook page, and which everyone is talking about.

Oh, the horror!

And that awkward moment when a stranger walks up to you and asks you for a...

The rocket science that goes into making a sanitary napkin.

And the intricate details...

Watch the entire hilarious video here:

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