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PHOTOS: A School In A Himalayan Village Is Mastering The Art Of Quidditch

Anshu Agarwal/Facebook

Hogwarts should probably plan an inter-school match of Quidditch with a group of school students studying in a Himalayan village in Garhwal, all thanks to Anshu Agarwal, a 25-year-old photographer.

Agarwal, who is a teacher in an NGO in Kalap is also a 'diehard Potterhead'.

"As an exercise to teach the children English I showed them Harry Potter movies," the freelance photographer who loves traveling and reading told HuffPost India.

Smitten by the world of magic, the kids wanted to become the witches and wizards of Hogwarts. So, Agarwal came up with a brilliant idea of recreating the Quidditch game with his lenses.

"Since I was already into Levitation Photography, I thought of making an effort to materialise their fantasy," he said.

So, how did he create the magical world for the kids?

He stacked up benches to create an elevated surfaced. Following that brooms were made to resemble the ones in Potter films. "We mimicked some broomsticks as shown in the movies and arranged for a volleyball," he said.

The kids then climbed atop the benches and pretended to ride on these broomsticks.

They didn't actually fly in real life, but it must have been good fun riding on brooms anyway!

The real Quidditch effect, of course, was achieved at the editing desk where Agarwal erased the benches and other banal props of the shoot.

Agarwal photographed the kids playing on their broomsticks and his Photoshop wizardry made it look like they were flying!

When the kids were showed the pics, they were left wide-eyed. Some even yelled in excitement.

In turn, the kids presented Agarwal with many Harry Potter goodies.

"After receiving acclaims from millions of people all over the world, what I cherish the most are these Harry Potter goodies presented to me by the little wizards of the village," he wrote on a Facebook post.

While Agarwal intends to work on some more Harry Potter themed photos, we are sure Madam Hooch would be very proud of this one.

You can see more of Agarwal's work here.

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