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Mumbai Dance Bars To Get Govt Licenses By 15 March

Bouncers, in suit, watch over dance bar girls while a customer, far right, holds aloft money and dances at Elora Bar in Bombay, India, Wednesday, April 27, 2005. The dance bars of Bombay, a city also known as Mumbai, are for many the most prominent part of its nightlife. Thousands of men visit them each night, watching and throwing money at young girls in titillating clothes as they gyrate to songs from Bollywood, the popular Indian film industry. There are some 700 dance bars in Bombay and 650 in the rest of the state employing some 75,000 dance girls. The Congress party-led state government this month ordered the closure of hundreds of bars across western Maharashtra state on grounds that the bars corrupted the youth. (AP Photo/Aijaz Rahi)

NEW DELHI -- The Supreme Court on Wednesday asked the Maharashtra government to grant licenses to dance bars by 15 March. It also ruled that no CCTV will be installed around performance areas in dance bars.

The apex court also modified seven conditions imposed by the Maharashtra Police for granting licenses to dance bars in the state.

"There were about seven conditions for which the bar owners had strong objections. Two of the main conditions were, with regard to installation of CCTV cameras in the restaurant area and second was erection of railing or non removal partition," said Chief Standing Counsel of the Maharashtra Government, Advocate Nishant Katneshwarkar

"The court has permitted their condition that there should be a railing of three feet in the dancing area and there should be distance of five feet between the dancers and the viewers," Katneshwarkar added.

The Advocate said that the court has directed that the CCTV camera should be installed at the entrance of the bar only and not in the dancing area.

"Only four dancers are permitted in a Bar. Out intention is to prevent obscenity. And protect the dignity of the dance girls," he added.

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