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Kapil Sharma Wants To Interview PM Narendra Modi On His New Comedy Show

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MUMBAI -- He has invited biggest celebrities from Bollywood and sports on his popular TV show but comedian Kapil Sharma now wishes to have politicians as guests on his new show, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi, whose story he finds "inspirational".

"I wish to have Mr Narendra Modi on our new show (The Kapil Sharma show). I was watching television recently and saw President Barack Obama on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and it is great. We should also have politicians connecting with people," Sharma said in an interview here.

"If we have PM Modi on the show we will not talk about politics, party and all. I would love to know how a man from a small town has come this far and became the PM of our country. It's an inspirational story. I will try and talk to him," he said.


Sharma said he is happy that his previous show Comedy Nights with Kapil, aired on channel Colors, has ended as he is now getting the opportunity to try something novel.

"I feel it is good that show got over as we got the opportunity to do something different as the characters were fixed. Now that we have a new show, everyone is excited. We are making a different show," he said.

Apparently, all was not well between Sharma and Colors.

Gossip mills were also abuzz that Sharma was insecure with another comedian Krushna Abhishek's show Comedy Nights Bachao, which also aired on the channel.

Actor-comedian Abhishek had said there is rivalry between him and Sharma.

Sharma, however, cleared that though he had some differences with the channel, there was no friction between him and Abhishek.

"I had some issues with the channel some differences. We both (Abhishek and I) did a show called Comedy Circus, together. There is nothing like that," he said.

Now, reports claim that Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan is set to appear on the first episode of the The Kapil Sharma show.

"Even I heard he will come on the show. I did call him but he did not answer. We are doing a live show in Delhi first ...he (SRK) is from Delhi and has Fan releasing soon so he might come. We would love to have him on the show," Sharma said.

For now, Kareena Kapoor Khan and Arjun Kapoor will be seen on the new show promoting their film Ki and Ka.

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