01/03/2016 5:04 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:26 AM IST

10 #DesiRejectionLines That Fail So Hard They Actually Win!

final day of before care

If you haven't already noticed, the dating world is a battleground. A good comeback is as important as a well-planned pick-up line.

Most of the time, pick-up lines are either terribly cheesy or downright creepy. That's why it's mandatory that you have a smart rejection line ready for the regular Don Juans at the bar.

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Now, Twitter users clearly understand your problem. Which is why good samaritans who have been at the receiving end of a stinker have started the hashtag #DesiRejectionLines that compiles some of the everyday turn downs with a desi punch.

The basic 'I need to focus on studies so can you not'

The job diss

Y u do dis?

Mention a certain author as your favourite.

Go from JAANU to JNU before you can say sedition

Hey man, are you general category, cuz there's no reservation in love.

The North-South stereotypes.

Finally, a perfect comeback for a classic pick-up line

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