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Kamaal R Khan Gets The Sickest Burn Handed To Him By Sidharth Malhotra For Insulting Alia Bhatt

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It's universally acknowledged that actor-turned-director Kamaal R Khan is an obnoxious and sexist loud mouth on Twitter. He's casually tossed insults at many of his industry colleagues over the years he's been operational on the social platform, playing to a gallery of fans who seem to have no qualms retweeting and sharing his misogynistic crap.

He has also been called out on several occasions by women, but the self-appointed movie critic just does not seem to learn. On Saturday, he called 22-year-old actress Alia Bhatt a 'kid in a panty' for a racy Vogue beach wear cover shoot she did with actor Sidharth Malhotra. His tweet implied that Bhatt has been "forced" to accept work in which she's had to show her body.

Sidharth's response would burn a hole in any man's skin that isn't as thick as Khan's.

Khan predictably refused to back down and the war of words continued.

This is not the first time Khan has got his comeuppance either. He messaged some pretty creepy things to Diana Penty who handed out quite an ass whooping on Twitter.

Kamaal kartey ho Sidharth ji!

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