5 Things Cancer Patients Wish You Didn't Take For Granted

happy asian young family spending time outdoor on a summer day
happy asian young family spending time outdoor on a summer day

We all tend to take a few things in life for granted- as if 'it's meant to be for us'. Often because of this 'for granted' attitude we forget to be humble and simply stop respecting things in life. Ask a person with critical illness such as Cancer, as to what life means to them. It's amazing how a small conversation with them can helps us start appreciating the smaller things in life. So here's a list of five such things that Cancer patients wish people didn't take for granted.

Often we don't realize the true value of our friends and family. We tend to sometimes take them for granted. It doesn't matter to us if we are too caught up in our own lives and don't meet them for months or are too busy to call them even once. Life is truly very short, enjoy till it lasts and it's very important to express your love and care to the one's who matter to you. Find the time to be with your loved ones before time gets the better of you.

You are not what you look like on the outside, but what you are made of on the inside. We often judge the beauty of a person by the way he/ she looks. Physical beauty fades away with time, what matter is the beauty that lies within a person. So look beyond because as they say, 'beauty is only skin deep'.

We have a knack of cribbing and criticising how our day was so bad. Everything went off the plan and nothing worked for you. But do you ever think at night before hitting the bed, what if you didn't wake up tomorrow? Imagine living each day with this thought. Which is why we say, laugh as much as you can and love each day of your life, for you never know if you'll see the sunlight the next day.

You are fit. You have stayed fit. But what's the guarantee that you will stay fit forever? We tend to take our body for granted. We don't find the time to exercise, eat unhealthy and lead unhealthy lifestyle. Treat your body with care, it's supporting everything you do but if you stop caring for it, it will eventually stop caring for you.

  1. Friends and Family
  2. Inner Beauty
  3. Every Day Is A Gift
  4. Your Body
  5. Money

Often the Gen Y lives each day as is. While we do believe it's a good thing, you must also think about your future. Spending everything you earn is not a very wise thing to do. While you may be saving some money for your future goals, you should always save extra to sail you through a rainy day. Often money betrays you when you need it the most, so secure yourself in all ways- life and health.

While you do plan for future and save for things you want to do, have you thought about saving for your health? We suggest you take a look at HDFC Life Cancer Care Plan. It's always better to stay financially prepared for Cancer. So get it, but we hope you don't have to use it.