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Indian Army Helped Girl Get Married In Violence-Torn Rohtak

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The Bride and the groom holding hands as a part of their wedding ceremony as seen in a traditional Bengali wedding. The 'Ghot' or earthen pitcher seen below is sacred and part of the ceremony.

In violence-torn Rohtak, the epicentre of the Jat stir in Haryana, a distressed bride found help from unlikely quarters. Slated to get married on 22 February, the Rohtak bride found herself unable to even step outside her home, thanks to the violent protesters. Her fiance's shop had been vandalised and destroyed by the agitators and people were scared to step out of their homes.

The family resides in Gurcharanpura, allegedly one of the worst-hit parts of Rohtak. The police too, were unable to assist 23-year-old Neha Makkad.

However, the army stepped in to make the marriage happen. According to a Times of India report, the Army stepped in on humanitarian grounds after a soldier from the 3/5 Gorkha Rifles battalion got to know about the the woman's predicament.

Not only did an entire column of soldiers escort the bride and her family to the gurdwara, they also stood guard outside, while the nuptials took place. The bride’s mother and her husband expressed gratitude to the soldiers saying that the family was indebted to the army, as they could not have postponed the wedding due to religious purposes.

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