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Tired Of The Gory, Depressing Anti-Smoking Commercials? Here's An Alternative Starring Sunny Leone

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If you generally dread the depressing and badly-made anti-smoking commercials that play before films in theatres and are now aired on television too, here's an alternative.

Directed by Vibhu Puri, who also made Hawaizaada (2015), the four minute-long ad stars Sunny Leone, Aloknath and Deepak Dobriyal.

The ad is set in a village in Haryana. It shows that the younger son of the family played by Deepak Dobriyal is in death bed. The doctor asks the father, played by Alok Nath, to fulfil his son's last wish since he doesn't have much time left. And what is his dying last wish? The son shows a picture of Sunny Leone on his tab.

Leone is brought to the house, kicks the kalash over and enters Dobriyal's room in what seems like a fake 'suhaag raat'. Leone takes of Dobriyal's muffler and what happens next is not what you think would have.

A tiny spoiler here: the result of Dobriyal's cigarette addiction intervenes.

The film employs dark humour to send across a fairly legitimate message - smoking may cost your last wish. Usually, anti-smoking campaigns in India are either too gory to watch or badly produced, possibly due to low budgets. As a result, they fail to click with the youth too.

However, a commercial like this, which is executed well, may succeed in reaching out to a greater demography, especially youngsters who take to cigarettes thinking smoking is sexy and makes them attractive.

Watch the film below:

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