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This Woman's Matrimonial Ad Has Angered Many Men From A Mumbai Suburb

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An eastern suburb of Mumbai is running a passionate signature campaign to save its 'honour'. Dombivli, situated roughly 50 kilometres away from central Mumbai on the eastern fringes, has met with an unusual adversary - a young divorced woman.

And how is she a threat? The woman has put out a matrimonial advertisement in the Kutchi Samaj community newspaper, seeking a groom, but not one who lives in the suburb of Dombivli. She reportedly says she doesn't want to spend the rest of her life in the suburb.

According toMid-Day, her community is miffed because they think the ad will show the residents of the suburb in poor light. They told the newspaper that if she indeed wanted a groom from some other place, she could have rejected proposals over phone instead of making a public announcement of her unwillingness to marry anyone from that suburb.

"The agitators formed two teams, and visited shops, residential areas and got the forms signed for the hate campaign against the woman. The letter mentioned that Dombivli has a lot of Kutchi families and it is an insult to all of them to sideline the boys staying in the area," reports Mid-Day.

Some of the 'protesters' even alleged that people who are planning to shift to Dombivli will be put off by the advertisement.

While what exactly they plan to do with the signatures amassed from the locality is not know, the report says that they want to teach the woman a lesson and agitate against her. No one knows of what nature the 'agitation' will be. The paper, which published the advertisement, washed its hands off the issue saying they will screen ads more closely in future.

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