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Photos Of These #IndianBreakfasts On Instagram Will Make Your Tummy Growl


The best part about an Indian breakfast is the number of variety to choose from: Piping hot sambar with a tomato-onion utthapam or the beloved aloo parantha? Savoury upma or crispy puris with sumptuous aloo curry?

It doesn't end there. Select a particular type of breakfast, and you have too many versions of it on your plate (like this place that serves up 99 varieties of dosa, or this place that has 15 kinds of Idlis) Yes, believe it!

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Aside from making yummy eats, they can also make for great photographs. Instagram appears to agree as is evident from this amazing selection of Indian breakfasts that'll have your tummy answering back instantly!

A crusty kachori packed with mattar (peas) is an excellent start to any day.

This aloo poori combination is extremely a-pe(a)ling.

A bowl of poha a day, keeps the grumbles away.

#poha #indianbreakfast #weekend #selfmade #throwback

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French fries are an easy pass when you're faced with an aloo parantha.

Dos-a the best days of our lives.

#indianbreakfast #incredibleindia #mumbai

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No words. Just eat.

An idli mind is a hungry tummy's workshop.

Frankly my dear, I don't give a dhokla.

Moong and Methi (Whole Green Moong and Fenugreek leaves) Dhoklas with a giant mug of Masala Chai for breakfast ~ breakfast 71 of #100happybreakfasts ! With a small bunch of methi threatening to wilt, this recipe came to the rescue. Its almost instant, except for the soaking time of 2 hours for the moong. I soaked it overnight, ground the batter this morning and with 1/2 tsp of fruit salt / eno, these spongy and fluffly dhoklas were had for breakfast. No oil, except for greasing, no carbs from rice or wheat, and very mildly spicy, the recipe easy to rustle up in the morning. You can even grind the batter the previous night and add fruit salt in the morning. The recipe is from @tarladalal 's cookbook Low Calorie Healthy Cooking. Now, I don't believe in the title, but it has helped me try more new ingredients than ever. I will not claim any authenticity to her recipes, but they sure suit Indian Ingredients and are easy to put together. All the variety in the ingredients that I use would never be possible with out her. That's healthy enough for me!😀 #moong #methi #dhokla #weekendbreakfast #lentils #tarladalalrecipe #fenugreek #moongdhokla #whatforbreakfast #vegan #vegetarian #meatfree #dairyfree #gujaraticuisine #theurbanspice #lensplated #whatvegetarianseat #whatveganseat #indianbreakfast #farsan #breakfastporn #srujans100happybreakfasts

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At a rava (upma) party.

We've got a crust on you.

Parlaying with a big tea-se.

This is right upma alley.

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