5 Things You Should Never Gift A Man

If you think buying a gift for a woman is tough, then try buying one for a man. Such limited options and the cry for being creative and out of the box at the same time leaves every girl clueless when choosing what to gift to her man. So we thought of helping you by telling you the things you should never gift your Man. Here's a list of five such things which should never feature on your list of gifts for him.

You never gift flowers to a guy. Never! Yes, they are beautiful, colourful and smell great and sound perfect as a gift for a woman, but surely not a man. Men like things that are rustic and a reflection of their personality and flowers surely don't do anything for them.

It is seriously rude to gift a Man a Deodorant. It amounts to telling them that they smell bad. You can pick up a perfume that's exquisite and has a really nice musk fragrance, but Deo's are a really bad choice.

We really hope you haven't ever given this as a gift. Every man loves his looks as much as every woman does. How would you feel if you got an epilator as a gift? Get the feeling? Need we say anything more?

Once again this is a big No! He may have told you he loves his mint, but you cannot gift him a mouth freshener. Imagine getting a pack yourself. However, expensive those mints, you will not like it. It's like telling him that he has bad breath. And that is a lane you don't walk take a walk in.

  1. Flowers
  2. Deodorant
  3. Men's Grooming Kit
  4. Mouth Freshner
  5. Fairness Cream

Remember the saying- 'Tall, dark and handsome'? Well that really stands true. However cosmopolitan your Man maybe, you just can't gift him a fairness cream. It's not only rude but can also be seen as being racist.

Now that we've told you the five things you should never gift a Man, we'll put you out of your misery and tell you the one thing you can blindly give to any Man on any occasion. And that's a fine bottle of Scotch. #ScotchAsAGift is perfect. Be it for your father, brother, husband, boss, son or a friend, they will never complain on being given this fine bottle of liquid gold.However, do advise them to drink responsibly.