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476 Women Students In Hyderabad Are Forced To Relieve Themselves In The Open Everyday

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NEW DELHI --More than 400 students at the Smt Durgabai Deshmukh Women's Technical Training Institute in Hyderabad have to do their ablutions in the open because the Ameerpet-based establishment does not have a single functional toilet.

Neither the Institute nor the state government have lifted a finger to remedy the appalling situation by arranging clean toilets for the students.

The Times of India reported today on the daily ordeal of 476 students who relieve themselves in a college field, terrance, or an "abandoned" classroom in the campus, which happens to stink all the time.

Privacy is a joke. While one student does her business, her friends hold a thin duppatta around her for cover.

"We are adjusting by peeing wherever we can," one student told the newspaper.

The students have received no response to their repeated complaints about the unclean toilets, which are impossible to use. Faculty members told TOI that the toilets have not been cleaned in years.

M. Nagaraj, the former head of the architecture department at the institute, sent a letter about the lack of toilets to Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao, but he hasn't received a response yet. "The toilets in the institution are untidy. Neither are they cleaned regularly nor are there any proper facilities. The girl students of the institution are facing much difficulty while using the toilets," he said in the letter.

Suresh Janga, principal of the institute, expressed helplessness over the situation.

"We are forced to live here. The present building is just a temporary arrangement. The toilets that we have are abandoned. Since the building will be dismantled, we cannot repair it," he said, adding that the completion of the new building is also doubtful due to "lack of government funds."

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