23/02/2016 10:45 AM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:26 AM IST

You Must Listen To This Addictive Remix Of Kanhaiya Kumar's JNU Slogans

The JNU controversy took an ugly new turn when it was found that the video showing JNUSU president Kanhaiya Kumar chanting anti-India slogans may have been doctored. As the nature of Kumar's exact words were being hotly debated, Siddharth, who goes by the name of Dub Sharma on YouTube, put out a track where he has spliced Kumar's slogans with an addictive Punjabi track on freedom and oppression.

Titled Azadi, the track begins with Kumar and other JNU students chanting slogans for freedom. Kumar's slogans have been taken from the various videos of his speeches doing the rounds of the internet.

You can clearly hear what Kumar is demanding 'azadi' or freedom from. He says, "Azadi, bhukmari se, Azadi Sanghwad se (Freedom from hunger, freedom from the diktats of the Sangh)."

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He goes on to demand freedom from feudalism, capitalism, Brahmanism, casteism. Kumar's slogans end with the following words, "Azadi hum leke rahenge, tum kuch bhi karlo. (I will get our freedom, whatever you do.)"

As Kumar's slogans end, a Punjabi song begins with the following lines. "Rust will eat your cage, the bird will fly away, the birdseed will dry up, the bird will fly away."

It's not difficult to see who the cage and the bird are metaphors for - the oppressive state and its citizens.

The songs plays to an addictive EDM track.

Kumar's slogans re-appear again, halfway through the track, like a refrain in the song.

At a time when mainstream and popular musicians have kept their distance from the event that has captured the nation's imagination, Chandigarh-based EDM composer-producer Siddharth's comes as a beacon of hope.

You can listen to the track above.

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