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Vice Central: 3,000 Condoms And Beer Bottles Found Everyday On The JNU Campus: BJP Leader

NEW DELHI -- Jawaharlal Nehru University is a den of sin, where students, high on alcohol and drugs, dance naked in the night, and “3,000 condoms and 500 abortion injections" are found everyday, according to Gyandev Ahuja, a Bharatiya Janata Party lawmaker from Rajasthan.

"They praise Afzal Guru who wanted to blow up the Parliament. Traitors," said Ahuja, who led a demonstration over the JNU row in Alwar on Monday.

Ahuja said that 3,000 beer bottles, 2,000 bottles of alcohol, more than 10,000 cigarette butts and 4,000 bidi parts, and over 50,000 bones, small and big, are found everyday on the JNU campus.

Ahuja's findings have sent shockwaves across the country with millions of students wondering how they can gain entry into this citadel of decadence. Many middle aged and mid career folks are also said to be contemplating returning to college.

JNU has over 7,000 students. Assuming a condom is used when two people have sex, 6,000 students are having sex everyday. The number of beer bottles consumed is also curiously the same as the number of condoms. Ergo, we can conclude that 6,000 students are having sex while every couple is sharing a bottle of beer. For those who are left out, there is also the other 2,000 bottles of alcohol. It's unclear if these highly consumed substances are also subsidized by the exchequer.

Ahuja did not clarify whether the naked dance happens after the carnal intercourse or before. A detailed examination of the scientific literature on the sexual anthropology of the residents along the Aravalli range failed to throw any light into this.

"These anti-nationals gorge on meat," Ahuja said.

Ahuja read out the shocking findings from a piece of paper. He did not reveal the source of this information.

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