17/02/2016 3:13 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:26 AM IST

This New 'Improved' British Airways Campaign Is A Refreshing Change From The Old, Mushy One

British Airways/ Youtube

The mush-laden British Airways campaign ‘Fuelled By Love’ was designed to make Indians go “Awww” because grandmothers always have sentimental values attached to them and so does payasam. Seriously, always.

The British airways ad-makers have, hence, liberally added heaps of ‘Indianness’ , which is steaming, delicious looking Andhra food, Bharatnatyam , and unstemmed flow of tears whether of joy or nostalgia or whatever tender emotion they’re feeling.

Playing on the sachharine British Airways campaign, Twitter user @The_HappyNoodle has come up with a ‘new, improved campaign’ that is being shared widely across social networks.

In a hilarious sequence, (akin to asking for our shiny Kohinoor back), the benign grandmother has speech bubbles responding to the British Airways business-class staff’s polite enquiries. Take a look!

In November last year, British airways had a facepalm moment when it sent Sachin Tendulkar’s luggage to a wrong location. When he vented his anger on Twitter, the airline’s Twitter handle asked him for his full name to locate his luggage….Really? He’s only one of the most famous cricketers of our generation.

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