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WATCH: BJP's OP Sharma Says He's Not Sorry, Will Assault Anyone Who Insults 'Mother India'

New Delhi — BJP MLA Om Prakash Sharma, widely condemned for thrashing Communist Party of India (CPI) minority wing leader Ameeq Jamei outside a Delhi court yesterday, brazenly defended his actions on Tuesday by saying that he'd do it again if anyone insulted 'Mother India'.

An unapologetic Sharma said his action was a direct reaction to the events that happened outside the Patiala House Court in Delhi where journalists, and students and faculty members from the Jawaharlal Nehru University were threatened, abused, and beaten up by lawyers who accused them of being anti-nationals.

Far from regretting the assault -- Sharma was seen in several TV channels and clips on social media raining blows on Jamei, surrounded by his supporters -- the BJP MLA from Vishwas Nagar said he's ready to face action, even jail time, for his role in the incident.

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"If any person insults Mother India, I'd do it again," he told journalist Rahul Kanwal in an interview. Sharma claimed he was himself injured in the attack and was hit in the head. He had bandages covering part of his scalp. When Kanwal asked him what sort of injury he sustained, the BJP MLA dismissed it as "minor", but insisted that he was hit first and he raised his hand in self defence.

"What do you expect me to do? The man was abusing 'Bharat Mata'. If you did not have that on your camera it does not mean it did not happen. Why should I apologise? I've done nothing wrong. I regret nothing. I stick to my stand that I will shoot anyone who abuses India," he said.

When Kanwal pointed out that it's a crime to take the law in one's own hand, he responded: "It must be a crime to you. It's not to me. The traitors of the country ran away after the thrashing. Where are they now/ Why haven't they filed a complaint? I'm ready to go to jail."

There has been no response from his party following the incident.

Several persons were attacked by a group of men in lawyer's robes on the premises of the Patiala House court where the sedition case against JNU students' union president Kanhaiya Kumar was being heard.


Meanwhile, Delhi Police chief BS Bassi sought to defend Sharma, saying that the BJP MLA was also injured in the scuffle.

"Investigation is on. And after identifying the people, action will be taken as per the law. OP Sharma said that he was injured. If I may use the term it was a little surcharged environment. Allegations and counter allegations have been levelled from both the sides. So, we have registered FIR in both episodes. If we find out that any officer has done any unworthiness, appropriate probe will be done," Bassi told the media here.

"Anyone found guilty under the FIR registered under Section 124 (A) will be investigated, which will include arrest. If any financial angle or terrorist link is found then investigation will be done under the Prevention Act," he added.

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