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Everyone's Falling In Love With This Couple's Extraordinary Love Story


A couple of days ago on Valentine's day The Logical Indian shared a beautiful story of a couple named Jai and Sunitha. The couple had met in the 12th standard, became friends but soon lost touch. Two and a half years later Sunitha called Jai to wish him on his birthday, and they became friends again.

Jai secretly had feelings for Sunitha but had never confessed. Sunitha, after having a bad and tiring weekend decided to go home and take rest with her mom. On the way, she met with an accident. Her car toppled on the left. Her face which was outside the window dragged along the road and got severely injured.

Jai saw her first in the 12th standard.

He was mesmerised.

They shared a friendly bond but soon lost touch.

One day while returning to her home, Sunitha met with an accident. Her car toppled and her face dragged along the road.

Jai thought she had a fracture or a simple scratch.

He was in for a shock.

Jai met her at the hospital. While her face was severely damaged, he recognised her by her voice.

And after a couple of days, while Sunitha was still recovering from her horrible accident, Jai gladly expressed his feeling for her and proposed to her. And she happily said yes!

They were blessed with a beautiful daughter, Atmia.

Watch the heartwarming story here:

ATMIA – the story of the pure love of Jai and Sunitha.

via - IndiSocialYou don’t need a reason to love someone. No reason can change your love for someone. ATMIA – the story of the pure love of Jai and Sunitha.

Posted by The Logical Indian on Sunday, February 14, 2016

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