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A Designer Has Made The World's Largest Pair Of Kohlapuri Chappals

Kanika Bawa

Interior designer Kanika Bawa is gunning for not one but two entries in the 2017 edition of the Limca Book of World Records with her most recent creations: a gigantic pair of Kohlapuri chappals, and an enormous Kathakali Chair.

The designer created three installations, including a 12-feet tall yogi and his salutations to the Sun God inspired by World Yoga Day as part of her contribution to PM Modi’s Make In India campaign -– all three shall be on display at Cross Maidan, ChurchGate from February 10 – February 20.

Massive kohlapuri chappals

Bawa’s massive Kohlapuri chappals stand at 8 feet 6 inches and 10 feet 6 inches. The first one is adorned with smaller kohlapuri chappals in different shapes and sizes, while the second features some colourful artwork.

The Kathakali chair, Bawa's ode to Indian dance forms, is probably the worlds tallest chair at 10 feet 6 inches, and is coloured with bright, bold digital prints spinning tales of folklore. The back of the chair also features a pair of moving arms.

Kathakali chair

The designer has spent 18 years in the industry, and has been recognised for her eclectic designs in the past, including a Winged Man installation piece, and her Havan Kund Installation Furniture.

The installations will soon be displayed at malls and exhibitions for public viewing.

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