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Kareena Kapoor Has No Idea Where Her 'No Kissing' Policy Came From

Kareena Kapoor Khan/Twitter

MUMBAI -- Actress Kareena Kapoor Khan seems amused to hear about her alleged "no-kissing policy".

Reportedly, Kareena had promised her actor husband Saif Ali Khan after their marriage in 2012 that she won't do kissing scenes in films.

But the posters of her upcoming film Ki and Ka show her and Arjun Kapoor kissing.

When asked if she was deviating from the "policy", Arjun jumped in to say, "You have a life insurance policy na? All other policies can go to hell."

Kareena said, "I read that there was this policy ...I don't know where it came from."

The director R Balki said he failed to understand the fuss about kissing on screen.

"I don't understand why kissing is made as a big deal," Balki added.

In Ki and Ka, directed by Balki, Arjun plays the role of Kabir, an IIT graduate and a `house husband', and Kareena plays the character of Kia, an ambitious and a career-oriented woman.

During the trailer launch of the film, Kareena and Arjun were asked to re-enact the kissing scene for photo-op.

Kareena looked at Balki and said, "You will get me divorced."

Arjun said, "I don't think I will get entry in Pataudi household."

But Kareena, who then planted a peck on her co-star's cheek, also said, "Arjun is a good kisser."

The film is slated to release on 1 April.

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