26/02/2016 1:23 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:26 AM IST

32 Real Indian History Tweets That'll Make You Question Everything


A parody account that irreverently captions historical and archival photos is creating waves on Indian Twitter. The account comes with a disclaimer for the people who get easily offended.

1. Harmony prevails at JNU.

2. That focus.

3. A rare uncomplicated family photo.

4. And when they take you seriously...

5. Aye Haaalo.

6. That’s some tan.

7. This movie will inspire you.

8. Sari Spice.

9. Apna ullu Siddhu karna.

10. Much before the Wembley rock show.

11. The Legend of Budget Singh.

12. They both had longer hair.

13. A young scion.

14. What India has always wondered.

15. Discussing Varun's Main Tera Hero.

16. She worked out hard for “Sheila ki Jawani”.

17. Who doesn't remember this?

18. Good times.

19. No violence at all.

20. Maya memsahib

21. No matter if you’re Black or White… or Brown

22. Revolutionary!

23. A family drama?

24. Dance India Dance

25. After another easy victory

26. Kids grow up so fast!

27. Didn’t they have Photoshop back then?

28. Iconic Tharoor.

29. Slinga.

30. 1942: A Love Story

31. Sanju Bhai hasn't aged at all.

32. Child star fromHum Hain Rahi Pyaar Ke.

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